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To be a monk is to have time to practice for your transformation and healing. And after that to help with the transformation and healing of other people.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We started another 100 day practice period with the Genjokoan. Dosho Port had his first webinar for participants yesterday. I spent most of the time trying to set it up so I could hear everyone and see everyone and so that everyone could hear me and see me. Oh well! Dosho Posted the gist of the webinar on his blog.

What I was left with from this time was the following question from Dosho:
"What seeing would you express by bowing?"
The question originates from the story Dogen shares at the end of his Genjokoan:
Zen master Baoche of Mt. Mayu was fanning himself. A monk approached and said, "Master, the nature of wind is permanent and there is no place it does not reach. Why, then, do you fan yourself?"
"Although you understand that the nature of the wind is permanent," Baoche replied, "you do not understand the meaning of its reaching everywhere."
"What is the meaning of its reaching everywhere?" , ask the monk again.
The master just kept fanning himself. The monk bowed deeply.
Moon in a dewdrop, writings of zen master dogen -edited by kazuaki tanahashi. pgs. 72-73
Question again: What seeing would you express by bowing?
I guess I will chew on this awhile and see what form it takes...or maybe I'll start bowing before everything thing I do and SEE!
Deep Bows,

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