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To be a monk is to have time to practice for your transformation and healing. And after that to help with the transformation and healing of other people.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Being An Adult

We moved into a townhouse about two years ago. I have enjoyed the heck out of it but everytime the time changes I have these adult things to do. So today was one of those adult days and I did what needed to be done to make all things well with the world.

Yes, I'm cooking today. Nothing worthy of a picture. Not a lot of colors. Simple meal. Ground sirloin and chuck, cooked with onions, garlic and some portebello mushrooms, some green beans, wedge salad and sweet potato. I know, I have had sweet potatoes a lot lately but they are so good and so good for you.

Anyway, I had to be an adult today and take care of some things around the house. Spent most of the morning getting the mildew off the back of the trim of the house. Heck, I even had to pass up my webinar study with Dosho Port. Hey, I love my wife and my life, not Buddha. Anyway, that was my practice for the morning.

I have to confess though. It involved climbing a ladder to reach certain parts of the gutters. Did I ever tell you that I have trouble driving over large bridges? Anyway, I have a thing about heights. As far as I can tell, I don't have wings, so going high just isn't in my DNA. Anyway, again, my little wife (If she was interested in cooking, I think she could be the pioneer woman) climbed up the ladder that I could not climb up and she finished off the places where the birds should be. Heck, I just enjoyed watching her climb that ladder in her pajamas.

Anyway, again, we will now have an evening cocktail and sit on our deck out about our wonderful children, enjoy the cool weather, comment on her fall flowers...oh, that flower in the post after this is the one I took a pic of earlier when the season was has started manifest itself in a beautiful way...and we will just be together like we have been together for the last 43 years...ain't that nice?!



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