Monk In The World

To be a monk is to have time to practice for your transformation and healing. And after that to help with the transformation and healing of other people.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A much abridged symptomatology of modern Nihilism would include: disregard and detachment of all values except the immediate satisfaction of narcissistic, individual and herd impulses…atrophy of all notions of relatedness and responsibility to other humans, to animals, plants, the earth…degeneracy of the sense of beauty, truth, goodness, humanness, hence total mistrust of disinterested service…degradation of all fellow beings to the status of Things…progressive debility of all the higher functions by unrelenting and total bedevilment by electronic noise and imagery, media trivia, spectator sports, laugh shows, quizzes, commercials, propaganda for whiskeys, presidents, celebrities, gadgets, space trips…Unavoidable consequences: alienation from self and environment…consumer addiction---identity crisis---existential vacuum---depression---mass psychosis---violence---sexual depravity---drug and alcohol addiction---teenage and all other categories of suicide, including our own collective incubation.Where the Dow replaces the Tao, all of Life becomes desecrated.

From:What Matters:spiritual nourishment for head and heartbyFrederick Franck

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