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To be a monk is to have time to practice for your transformation and healing. And after that to help with the transformation and healing of other people.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I want to continue my thoughts about this wordless proclamation as a way of my thinking through this integrative process I am speaking about. I may not be understanding it in the way it was spoken of in the context I found it but it has still stimulated some thought for me. So, as a way of thinking through this:

Maybe integration is the wrong term. Or maybe integration can only be used from a relative position cognitively. Anything of the Truth would not be bringing something together, it would be realizing the seamlessness of it. So when I say integrate, I think I am speaking only from a relative perspective, lacking the experience of realizing. Truly not everything that Buddhism speaks of can be integrated with Christianity. But TRUTH is already the same, no need for integration. So when we come to two different fingers that are pointing to the same moon, it's the labels and concepts (the fingers) that make us think integration is needed. 

Upon the experience of a "wordless proclamation" all is realized. So one way of integrating in the relative is to become a WORDLESS PROCLAMATION. Would this not be actualizing this seamless truth? We only stick out the pointing fingers when needed as a way of directing, explaining. This points to the truth about why it is wrong to talk about zen, while at the same time being necessary.

We all have the potential to actualize our being Wordless Proclamations coming from the same unborn nature, from what Thomas Merton calls that "virgin point", we are all a word with the potential to be fleshed.

So for me now, in TRUTH, there is nothing to integrate. There is only something to realize. There is only this seamless truth. My naming only creates seams but we all need a place to belong in the conceptual world. It' like looking at a map with all those borders, those seams. But we all know that those borders, those seams are not real, only made up so as to create some kind of order. Some structure maybe? Who knows.

Remove all those borders and what do your have?

A Seamless Proclamation!

At least that is as much as I can say about it at the moment. At any given time I am open to all this changing!


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Mystic Meandering said...

Enjoying your "thinking on paper" here... :) Although trying to wrap my mind around it as well is a little mind boggling... :)

"Truth is already the same, no need for integration... There is only the seamless Truth." Yes, my experience as well... And yet, as you point out, when we try to put the realization into words duality is created by default, with the resultant *thought* that it must be integrated. But only in the mind - because the mind cannot comprehend or apprehend the seamless Truth without somehow creating 2...and needs to grasp structure to make sense of everything. It seems only the Silence of the Heart knows the Truth without words. Great contemplations...